Kat Marie Moya
2012Ne Cede Malis 2011 Por Vida exhibitInvasive Species 2012Predator 2013Left-Hand Path to Righteousness I&II 2012Banshee, instrument of death 2012SidHeretic 2013 ~ Harley Davidson anniversary fundraiser exhibit10 Saints 2012Rat King 2013Georgie 2009 ~ Selective Superstition exhibit Mahan GalleryEye of God 2010 ~ Searching for God exhibit OSU MarionHomage to the Unknown Soldier Sir Walter Pancakes 2010 (commission)Modern Spritualism, as a piece 2011 (commission)St Therese of Lisieux 2011 (commission)In God We Trust 2008 ~ Selective Superstition exhibit Mahan GalleryApparition 2012
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