Kat Marie Moya
Laureate HierophantRetrogradeMercySimpaticoForce/Gravity ScrutinyHath No FuryKismetThe GathererDone at Old Crow Tattoo, Oakland, CA But Satisfaction Brought It Back~ SoCPurge~ SoCDepravity InfluxFigure IV~SoCI Remember You As You Were~ SoCFallen Failures~SoCMourning Life~ SoCBloodthirst ~ SoCPurpose Driven Life~ SoCDelivery~ SoCForce/Gravity II~ SoCUndefeated Heart~ SoCThieves~ SoCWe die so we may die no moreUntitled~ SoCUntitled~SoCAgenda~ SoCUntitled~ SoCEinmal ist Keinmal~ SoCUntitled~ SoCApostate~SoCEgotrip~ SoCProtection~SoCPropel~ SoCLife Deserved For The Living Earned~ SoCBloodsuckers Steal The Light~ SoCHostage~ SoCHouse of Spirits~ SoCUntitled~ SoCToxoplasma Gondii~ SoCBlind Is, But The Fool Does~ SoCAn Ending Beginning~ SoCSpiritus tabellarius- Epicoma melanospila 14/14 of series Spiritus tabellarius- Penthophera morio 13/14 of seriesSpiritus tabellarius- Anaphe Panda 12/14 of series Spiritus tabellarius- Macroglossum stellatarium~ 11/14 of series Spiritus Tabellarius- Greallsia isabellae~ 10/14 of seriesSpiritus tabellarius- Hypercompe scribonia 9/14 of series Spiritus tabellarius- Eumorpha pandorus 8/14 of series Spiritus tabellarius- Haploa clymene 7/14 of seriesSpiritus tabellarius- Deilephila elpenor 6/14 of series Spiritus tabellarius- 4/14 series Spiritus tabellarius- Grammia virgo 1/14 of series Untitled SoCcustom~ dedicated to the late Gregory Nelson a first tattoocustomcustomcustomCustomcustomCustomcustom~ dedicated to AlmaCustomcustomcustom~ dedicated to Joseph Merrick customcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomcustomSoC
All images original and copyright Kat Marie Moya 2014.